Almax Stylings  has always had the objective of creating high quality and innovative  Sunroom  retractable roofs and retractable awnings. Following this philosophy and after years of research and development, we have created in the year 2000 this revolutionary Sunroom Bolt  retractable roof system that for this characteristic has become an International Patent. Our long lasting experience and profession allows us to offer high quality products and exclusive projects for your: hotels, restaurants, malls, bars, terraces, private houses, swimming pools and much more. Our company is a leader in manufacturing and installing Sunroom for many types of application solving special needs and adding value to your property or business.

You can CONTACT US  with confidence, our team  will suggest the best Sunroom solution with the following advantages: insulation system, sun, rain and UV rays protection, windproof and anti-seismic device.

All our Retractable Sunroom  are made with the best coverings materials such us Polycarbonate, PVC , Pleixglass,  and with high quality aluminum and steel coming from the top worldwide manufacturer. Our Sunroom and Awning have been tested with the most difficult weather conditions and they can be motorized or manual operated . One of the key aspects of Almax stylings Sunroom  system, is the possibility to selectively open and close sections of the Roof as you please, as the retractable roof  is modular, the customer can open or close sections up to two thirds of the length. In addition the interior part can be  finished up with an elegant fabric and retractable awning  to add interior decoration to the enclosures. Almax Stylings Retractable Sunroom Systems are engineered to provide many advantages that other enclosure systems can’t. For more info ASK FOR A FREE ESTIMATE .